How to choose and cut your Christmas tree?

choose a christmas tree

With the Holidays at our doors, the time to get a tree to decorate the living room will come. But how to choose a Christmas tree? Will you opt for an artificial tree or a natural one? If you choose to cut your own tree, do you know how to do it so that it stays beautiful longer! Let us guide you through all this questioning.


Synthetic or natural tree?

At Émondage Sud-Ouest, we have the environmental cause to heart. This is why we recommend you to pick your own tree for next Christmas.

Does this surprise you? Indeed, while this issue has been debated for long, the latest research (such as those done by the David Suzuki Foundation) proves that the natural tree is the better option for the environment.

Here are some benefits of the natural fir, versus the synthetic one:

1- Supports local farmers;

2- Its carbon index is greatly inferior to the synthetic tree;

3- The trees are biodegradable, as opposed to the artificial tree;

4- It’s possible to get rid of your tree in a respectable manner, according to the government guidelines;

5- They’re not made of oil, PVC or lead like the artificial ones;

6- They require less total transport, from the felling to its sale, compared to the synthetic tree.


How to cut my tree?

Ideally, the trunk should be cut just before putting it on its support. This allows to keep it fresh longer, and to raise its lifespan.

While not all places allow you to cut your own tree, you can make sure the tree wasn’t sawed in a V shape or in an angled manner, so that it can be more stable and not fall.

If you buy an already-cut tree, you can cut another 2 cm off the base. Indeed, when the tree is cut, it will produce a thick sap where the cut was made. It’s a defence mechanism. This thick sap can block circulation of the sap through the trunk and the needles, and can cause your tree to die faster. By making a fresh cut before putting it on your support, you’ll avoid such a blockage.

Certain beliefs suggest making holes in the trunk. Know that this is a myth and that this technique is not recommended to lengthen its lifespan.


You’re ready to cut your tree

While the choice remains a personal one, we recommend you opt for a natural fir tree this year. Also, make sure to cut it properly, to make it last as long as possible! Whether its for pruning your trees or guide you on how to choose a Christmas tree, Émondage Sud-Ouest is your tree expert!

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