How to Prevent a Power Outage

prevention of power outages

… Thanks to a good tree maintenance

Did you know that Hydro-Québec’s unplanned service interruptions are mainly caused by trees and shrubs?  

When trees grow too close to electrical installations, or when a fragile tree is at risk of falling, the branches can damage the wires and cause a power outage. To protect the power grid and limit the number of breakdowns, a lot of maintenance work must be done every year to cut the branches that are located too close to the power lines. If you notice a potential risk of foliage coming into contact with the wires, you can notify Hydro-Québec

Another way to prevent breakdowns is to choose the right tree or shrub and to make sure it is adequately planted when within proximity of electrical installations. Hydro-Québec also offers an online tool to help you make the appropriate decision.

An ounce of preventing a power outage is worth a pound of curing your house damages (or your neighbour’s)…

When a branch falls on an electrical connection, it is the mast and fittings that are mainly at risk of being damaged. These two elements belong to the owner of the house or building and it is therefore their responsibility to assume the repairs and related costs. 

During major weather events, repairing individual connections is amongst the final steps in restoring service operations. There is a possibility of you being out of electricity for an undetermined period of time. In addition, if an item that belongs to you is damaged, Hydro-Quebec will not be able to restore your connection until you have had the necessary repairs done.

In order to prevent damage to your equipment and the risk of a prolonged power outage, be sure to regularly check the condition of the trees and shrubs on your property. If a fragile tree or branch is likely to fall on your connection and break it, if wet snow or ice weigh down the branches and deviate them towards the electrical wires, or for any other situation that you consider dangerous, call our team of experts to quickly resolve the situation.

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