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Why Plant a Tree? 

In addition to purifying the air we breathe, trees help maintain biodiversity, fight against soil erosion and improve water quality. But their benefits don’t stop there! Their presence seems to soothe and calm the mind (stress, anxiety, etc.). Indeed, they would have an influence on the morale and the emotional state of humans, by giving them a feeling of immediate well-being.

Concretely, if you plant a tree on your land, it creates privacy, offers you a shaded area in summer and even food in some cases (fruit trees)!

That’s good, it’s the perfect season to get started! On your marks, get set, plant!


First Step: Plan

It is important to consider the appearance of the mature tree when choosing a location to plant it. What is his size? Its shape? His height? Make sure there will be enough space! Don’t plant a tree too close to the house or electrical wires. In short, become aware of your environment and long-term changes!

You also have to think about what is under the ground! Contact your municipality and find out where the underground utility cables are located on your property.

In addition to the available space, it is important to choose a species adapted to the climate, light conditions, soil and humidity level of your region. Ask the professionals! Ask them your questions! This is the best way to guarantee a successful planting!

Now that you’ve thought of everything, it’s time to plant! As a general rule, the best time to do this is in the fall or… SPRING!

No time to waste!


Second Step: Plant

It’s time to plant! Of course, you have to start by digging a hole! Make sure the hole is wide enough (2-3 times the size of the roots) and just deep enough (the part where the roots join the main roots or trunk should not be covered).

Then it’s time to fill the hole with quality soil. Well, that’s it!


Third Step: Maintain

First, water! It is important to water long and abundantly after planting. Thereafter, you can water about once a week or as needed, depending on the temperature. The important thing is to make sure the soil stays moist.

Contrary to what one might think, it is not recommended to use fertilizer the first year, with the exception of fertilizer rich in phosphorus. However, you have to be careful and make sure you use it the right way.

When it comes to tutors, use your best judgment! It is usually not necessary to ask. However, depending on the region, if your tree is exposed to strong winds, for example, it may be prudent to install one.

Finally, this is where we come in: let’s talk about pruning!

When planting, this is an important step to improve branch spacing and promote strong tree structure. That’s good, it’s our specialty! By removing dead, damaged or unwanted branches, the tree has more space to flourish and grow healthy.


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