What to do if your tree has been damaged by strong winds?

strong winds

According to Weatherspark, November marks the beginning of the windy season in our region. Strong winds could have numerous repercussions such as power outages and falling trees. Will your old tree resist? And what to do if powerful gusts and strong wind damaged trees on your yard?

Evaluate the danger

If your tree has been damaged by winds, the first thing to do is to stay at a safe distance from it. Your tree’s structural integrity could have been weakened, and it may present a real threat of falling, causing important damages whether on your property, or your health, or both.

Then, you need to determine what you want to do with it. However, you should act fast: if the tree is seriously weakened, it could fall at any moment.

Weigh your options

To truly know what your tree’s situation is, nothing beats a professional such as Émondage Sud-Ouest. One of our experts will be able to evaluate damages and will use his experience and expertise to guide you for the next step, among the following services:

  1. Pruning: if the damage is low, we will be able to prune your tree to remove the weakened branches as well as the ones threatening to fall.
  1. Bracing: We take the environmental cause to heart. Which is why we will always see if saving the tree is possible, and will prioritize this option. Bracing consists in reinforcing the tree by placing cables and braces at strategic places. We will then be able to alleviate the weakening caused by winds, and your tree will then benefit from a longer lifespan.
  2. Felling: If the damage is too great to do anything about it, we will have no other choice but to fell the tree. Indeed, your safety comes first, and a severely damaged tree is extremely dangerous. Our professionals will know how to cut down your tree in an efficient and safe manner.

In conclusion

No matter what the pruner will suggest you, one thing is certain: neglecting a tree that has been damaged by a storm with strong winds can have dire consequences. Call upon the experts at Émondage Sud-Ouest right now and ensure your safety and the safety of your family thanks to our courteous, professional and efficient services, offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round!

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