What is the best time to prune a tree?


Pruning a tree is a surprisingly complex task. Indeed, many factors need to be considered: it’s not as simple as climbing a tree with a chainsaw and starting to cut.

Among these considerations, the period, specifically the season during which the pruning is done. So, the question arises: when to prune trees?


Most opinions lean towards winter as the optimal season to have your tree pruned. The main argument for winter pruning is that the tree is dormant, which means its sap reserves are in its roots. This then allows cutting the branches without any repercussions on the tree’s sap reserves.

However, since the tree is dormant, the cutting areas won’t be able to heal, exposing them to fungi and other diseases for longer periods of time.

Spring, Summer, Fall

Having your tree pruned when it’s not dormant has the advantage of a rapid healing. Indeed, since healing (or rather, compartmentalization) happens quickly, cutting areas are exposed to diseases and fungi for shorter amounts of time.

However, pruning can be done during these seasons if and only if less than 20% of the tree’s foliage mass is removed. If a bigger mass needs to be removed, then we must wait for winter, so that the tree can be dormant.

So, when to prune trees? Which season?

The season you choose will depend on the foliage mass that needs to be removed. Other than the mass question, each season has its advantages and disadvantages. Doing your research is important in this case.

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